Macbeth Essay Topics – Old as the Stonehenge

It seems that essays on Macbeth have been written since the tragedy was created. While it is obviously an exaggeration, the topic IS very popular and thus rather overridden. It is very hard to find anything new there and consequently earn a good grade.

Macbeth essay questions may vary, but make no mistake: your teacher is expecting an innovative approach, and if you can’t find it, it’s better not to start at all.

Here we provided a few quick tips for you to handle this assignment.

A few Macbeth essay prompts

  1. Obviously – reread the book. You won’t be able to write a Macbeth character analysis essay, unless you have it fresh in your memory.
  2. Do not set on ambition straight away. Yes, this IS the main topic of the tragedy, yet there are others. Look for them.
  3. Go deeper to psychological levels. Do not judge only actions, but also intentions of characters.
  4. Do not be afraid to make new conclusions. Do so, however, if you can justify them.
  5. Take some time to fall in love with this piece of work. The tragedy is a masterpiece, so if you let it charm you, it is going to be much easier to write.

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