Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay: What’s It All About?

You will never understand how to write a comparative essay without defining this academic paper properly. Each type of essay has its own goals and topics. Teachers assign different types of paper to check various skills and knowledge. For instance, the goal of the compare-&-contrast essay is to examine whether the students can find the differences and similarities between two or more subjects/people/events.

The whole assignment is focused on a test and analysis of minimum two items. We can divide a compare and contrast essay into two different types.

  • The one where the author should concentrate on the similarities of the selected topics
  • The one to focus more on the gaps between the two elements

In general, it is recommended to choose the topics that have both, similar and different elements to make the reading more interesting. For instance, you can compare two different Marvel’s characters like Spiderman and Iron Man as they have both similarities and differences. Besides, these two have interesting character development.

In case your teacher does not give you a specific topic to discuss, it is up to you to select one. Here is when you can turn to the professional online writers who can help with any assignment in the shortest period of time. Our specialists will analyze all possible sources related to your field of study and recently discussed the topic to come up with the most relevant and recent topic for you. That’s not all! Keep on reading to find out more about compare and contrast writing as well as our services!

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline: What Is the Proper Order?

It does not matter whether you have a specific outline or not, our writers will solve the problem for you. Each time you buy a custom paper, you obtain such elements as outline and reference page free of charge. It means that our authors will prepare an outline for your paper, ad it is up to you whether to use it or not. Anyway, they will stick to it to carry out the best compare-&-contrast paper ever!

Our writer will cover the topics offered by your teacher or offer other excellent ideas in case you do not have a specific topic. He will sketch out the points to discuss and support in a paper.

Every essay developed by our team has a well-organized structure, which is logical and convenient. Usually, the compare-&-contrast essay will have this structure:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1
  • Similarities between subject 1 & 2
  • Differences between subject 1 & 2
  • Findings 1
  • Body paragraph 2
  • Similarities between subject 3 & 4
  • Differences between subject 3 & 4
  • Findings 2
  • Body paragraph 3
  • Similarities between subject 4 & 5
  • Differences between subject 6 & 7
  • Findings 3
  • Conclusion

You can make it shorter – it’s just an example of the compare and contrast essay with multiple subjects to compare and contrast. Our team sticks to the point-by-point approach, which is most commonly demanded by the teachers. We know which qualities to highlight and focus on.it is important to analyze each item separately, and only then evaluate both subjects.

Brief Overview of Every Essay Section

Writing a comparison essay requires a powerful introduction just like any other academic papers. Make sure the opening paragraph, especially the first sentence, is eye-catchy enough to make the reader want to make it to the end. By the way, the last sentence or two, which is the paper’s thesis, should be attention-grabbing as well. It should reveal the main reason for choosing the specific subjects, people, or events to compare and contrast.

After working on the paper’s introduction, our experts will move to the body part. They will develop it concerning the structure chosen by the customer – it will be highlighted in the outline.

The final stage is to carry out a sound conclusion to leave a powerful impression on the reading audience. Rephrase the thesis statement. It is important to respond to the primary question of the prompt. In this case, the assigned writer will explain why it makes sense to compare and contrast the chosen topics, and how it may help in real life.

As for the References part, it lists all primary sources like books and journals used in the process of writing to support the author’s main idea. This part is also called Works Cited or Bibliography depending on the chosen formatting.

Remember that the evidence will cost nothing unless you mention the credible sources where the information was taken from. Do not overload the paper with copy-pasted quotations – it is better to apply indirect in-text citations instead, meaning that you reword the words of other people. Still, you have to cite such parts properly.

How to Choose Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

Do you wonder what are some of the good compare and contrast essay topics?

  1. Abraham Lincoln & J.F. Kennedy: Anything in Common?
  2. Dogs or Cats to Keep as Pets?
  3. Reading Book vs. Watching a Film: Feelings Compared
  4. Halloween or Christmas: Which One Is Better for Kids?
  5. Modern Art vs. Classical Art: Aesthetics and Significance

If you write an essay on your own, it may be a good idea to put the final draft aside for several days to read it with the fresh eye later. The best option is to let our writing service experts proofread and edit the draft before turning it into the final paper. They will fix all of the following mistakes to make your essay a winner:

  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Wordiness
  • Vocabulary
  • Formatting
  • Logical structure
  • Content (to make it more relevant if needed)

Thus, every customer has an opportunity to order just proofreading & editing instead of purchasing a whole paper.

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