How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Although it seems easy, plenty of students have only the roughest idea of how to write a comparative essay. It’s a shame, as during your scholastic career you will be using this skill frequently, so it’s better to develop it at the very start. Here we tried to give you a general idea about comparative essays and what features they must demonstrate. Also, find examples of compare and contrast essays on the Samples page.

So, the very beginning of your work would be research (as always). Learn everything there is to learn about two objects of comparison and decide which pieces of information are to be included in the paper. If you look at any example of a compare and contrast essay, you will see that they are mostly concise. You too shouldn’t overflow your essay with information.

After you have picked the necessary data, write a compare and contrast essay outline. As always, it starts with intro, proceeds to main body and ends with conclusions.

There is no single compare and contrast essay format, so you can arrange body paragraphs as you like: devote each one to a certain comparison criteria or to a certain object. It’s all up to you and depends on the nature of your paper.

After the body part is ready, wrap it all up with a conclusion and add an intro. Make sure that your conclusions are clear for another person to understand and sufficiently justified. This work sequence proves to give best results. That’s it, your comparative essay example is ready. You can then use it as a model for other comparative papers.

What themes would make good compare and contrast essay topics?

Compare and contrast essay ideas come easy, as you can compare ANY two objects of the same class. Be careful, however, when choosing criteria for comparison and do not compare different characteristic of the two objects.

Look for compare and contrast essay examples

A good way to understand the task is to look for compare contrast essay examples. By looking through them, you will understand what kind of structure will do in your case. Also, a sample compare and contrast essay is the way to grasp the language style required.

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