Winning Business School Essays

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An essay for business school is different by its level of importance and nature. There are specific rules you must follow when writing it – dos and don’ts if you like. You have to show yourself as a proactive person, yet control the ego and never go over the limit.

A great idea is to look through sample business school essays to get some inspiration. All in all, the task is not just difficult – it’s almost impossible to accomplish.

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We work with various business essay topics and write them for various schools. Our writers know what requirements they set and thus are better prepared for battle that you are. Stanford business school essays have to be more focused and deal with ‘why’ rather than ‘what.’

Harvard business school essays must show your determination and confidence and also originality.

Columbia business school essays are less demanding but also trickier as they crave for creativity.

Of course, these are only quick insights into the business essay format required by different schools. The only common thing is that it is a complicated task that will drain your energy to the last breath.

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